BECA's Mission


Mid-East Area Commission (M.A.C.)

Who can join?
(Short answer: Home Owners and Renters and Business Reps!)

The mission of Berwyn East Civic Association (BECA) is to improve and advocate for the overall quality of life of Berwyn East residents. We will strive to strengthen the social, cultural and economic fabric of our diverse community. We will promote civic engagement and preserve the historic character of our neighborhoods. We will support properly managed growth and development and work to enhance the viability of our commercial corridors.

Berwyn East is bordered by East Livingston Avenue to the north, South James Road to the west, Interstate 70 to the south, and the abandoned railroad line that lies just east of Bostwick Road to the east.

BECA is one of 13 local communities that make up M.A.C. It encompasses the 9th and a portion of the 14th police precincts. M.A.C. oversees zoning and various other community related issues. It is a civic-focused forum for community decision making and collaboration. As an active member of M.A.C., Berwyn East has the ability to be front and center on issues that matter to you.

BECA is a collection of the RESIDENTS who live their daily lives here, with growing families and wanted to have a shared collective voice to be together and help make this neighborhood safe for each other day and night!

Por favor contáctenos si quiere ayudar a nuestros vecinos que hablan español.

Become a Member!

A strong voice in the community is just one of the benefits of being a BECA member. Uniting with fellow residents and business partners gives us all a robust, more powerful voice against crime and other community issues of concern.

Monthly Membership Meeting
Last Tuesday of each Month
(except December)
Christ United Methodist Church
1480 Zettler Rd @ 6:30pm

Blockwatch Meeting

To Be Announced
Christ United Methodist Church @ 6:30pm

2022 National Night Out!

(Tentatively) Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022
Local location - TBD
5:00pm to 8:00pm

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